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Strategy, Technology, Operations, Research and Marketing form the critical wheels of a growing business and demand extensive focus from the leaders and investors.

Backed by extensive industry experience, a passion for catalysing businesses, we offer

We offer S.T.O.R.M, customized for every one of our clients.



Strategy is our core business. We work with companies in every industry to develop executable strategies that generates real results.
Our Strategy Consulting Offerings include – 

Start Up: We help companies in getting the fundamentals of initiation and sustainable growth right
Scale Up: We help companies scale up their core business, along with micro strategies across all the business verticals
Step Up: Across ideation, productisation of your innovations, we help companies in product and business research, mentoring and provide the critical step up to deliver on the ideas


From Roadmaps To Reality – We help businesses through each phase of designing a technology roadmap, while blending the right mix of corporate technology roadmap and the product-level roadmaps that will help in realisation of the corporate vision.

  • Design aggressive and achievable corporate technology roadmaps
  • Translate the technology roadmap into innovation driven product-level roadmaps
  • Leverage on the emerging technologies and trends to influence investment decisions
  • Realize the company’s long-term strategic vision through specific technology solutions


Strategising Operations for today’s businesses through People, Processes, Assets to create tangible impact on People, Product and Profit.

We help bottom lines perform better through our deep industry knowledge, critical analysis, insights that get businesses to focus on the right areas and develop executable strategies.

  • Business Model Transformation
  • Global Enterprise Model Design
  • Custom Tailored Models and Solutions
  • Deep understanding and experience of global, multi-cultural, cross-functional, organisations


Mauverick offers research, analysis, insights, projections into specific domains and industries, providing all-round data trends, views with delayering and micro-focussing so that you are enabled to take decisions based on current reality and armed with the projected knowledge.

  • Extensive Industry Research
  • Intense Analysis
  • Intelligent Projections and Trends
  • Real Analysis of Competition


We develop Creative, Practical, Marketing & Branding Strategies that are designed through our in-depth customer insights, competition analysis, industry trends to help our clients get their GoToMarket strategies right, gain visibility in the right circles and register sustainable growth.

  • Visibility and Market Presence for Start-ups
  • Data driven Marketing Strategies
  • Positioning and Brand Strategy
  • Planning, Guidance and Implementation